Rain Simulator
a precipitation renderer
Felix Gonda
Final Project

Introduction to Computer Graphics
Harvard University, Fall 2010
(Readme) | (Executable) | (Report)

The Rain Simulator is a renderer written in OPENGL to illustrate rain in a night-time environment. The
simulation tackles rain drops, rain splashes, lighting, sound effects and surface wetness as a result
of rain impacts. The scene consists of an ambient light, three point lights of different color grade, 
a dynamic light, a set of blocks of different material properties, and a camera placed at a vantage 
point. Thunder storm and rain ambient sounds plays in the background, and rain drop sounds can also be 
heard randomly on drops.

The camera can be move about the scene and is restricted within scene bounds.

The dynamic light can be attached to the camera and move about the scene.  The same restrictions applied
to the camera also applies to the dynamic light.  Furthermore, the dynamic light is animated and its color 
can be change by the user.

As of this writing, the demo runs at 100 frames per seconds in release mode.

For questions and feedback you can contact me at:  felix.e.gonda@gmail.com